Life on Exoplanets — Didier Queloz / Serious Science.

Nobel Prize winner Didier Queloz on the components needed for life to evolve, reproducing life in our labs and where should we look for extraterrestrial life.

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'We have 20 aminoacids building life on Earth, but there are zillions of aminoacids. Why these ones? Are these the ones we need to build life? Do we now have some kind of similar structure to the DNA as well? What do you need to start life, what are the ingredients, what is the chemistry? Do you need water? Do you need nice temperature? Do you need a moon? Is the moon an important factor? Do you need Jupiter? All these are questions that you can start to answer by looking at other planets.'
Didier Queloz, 2019 Nobel Prize winner, Professor of Astrophysics, University of Cambridge

Search for Life in Solar Vicinity:
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