The heating of the pool water with heat pump

Pentair Master Temp Heater system that alwaysinvolves the use of electricity but much more efficient than the electric heater is the one with a heat pump dedicated to the pool.

A pool heat pump keeps the water at the desired temperature, allowing the bathing season to be lengthened, regardless of weather conditions, and it does so efficiently and with comparatively low running costs.

Pentair Saltwater Pool Heater allows to heat the pool water using the same principle of the air conditioners, simply by reversing the hot/cold cycle: in fact the heat pump, aesthetically equal to an outdoor unit for air conditioning, allows to exchange energy with the air, through a compressor that compresses a gas and a special radiating element that discharges the cold air outside.

The heat produced by the pump is transferred, through an exchange to the pool water that is conveyed, through an appropriate by-pass from the circulation circuit, precisely inside the heat pump.

On the machine, there is a digital control panel, on which it is possible to set the desired water temperature. A flow switch interrupts heat production in the absence of water circulation).

The heat pumps have a remarkable efficiency even at temperatures close to zero and are more effective, compared to all the other systems, in terms of time to reach the desired temperature as well as for the constant maintenance of the same.

Particular attention in the choice of the Swimming Pool Dechlorination Chemicals must be given to their noise (they are normally placed in open air outdoors) and above all to their efficiency: Heat pumps more expensive but with high performance in terms of operating cost, repay less of a season of use the delta price, compared to cheaper products but with decidedly lower returns.

The heat pumps to be installed in swimming pools equipped with a water treatment system with salt electrolysis must have titanium parts, to prevent the action of salt from corroding the heat exchanger.

The panel, of dark material, also heating up, re-emits energy in the form of infrared radiation, which is also transferred by conduction to the fluid.

The panels, composed of a large number of polyethylene capillaries (suitably sized), exposed to the sun, will take advantage of their heating and the transfer of heat to the water that runs through them to heat the pool water.

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