Simple ways to bring your children closer to God

Being parents makes us responsible not only for the care of our children but also for the spiritual education we provide them from the moment we conceive them. That is why we at want to share with you various simple ways to bring your children closer to God and have a child-like faith in them.

1. Pray aloud during pregnancy:

Our little ones listen to our voice all the time, the moment you must dedicate to prayer be full of tranquility. Choose a comfortable space where you are not interrupted or where nothing distracts you.

You can build a small altar or do it while you see a photo of Jesus so that your thoughts do not wander into other things. Make your baby feel that this moment is unique and special for both of you.

2. Pray with them at night:

It can be next to your bed or crib, get on your knees and pray. When children are young, everything amazes them and causes them curiosity.

They have the gift of imitating both good and bad, and most likely while they are praying they will want to get your attention, they will start talking as if they were given rope.

3. Let him participate in Church-related activities:

If there is a missionary childhood in your child’s school, let him be a member of the group. If he likes to act or sing, let him participate in the religious ceremonies in which dramatizations are made or enroll him in the Church choir. This way, he can get a child like faith. If the school carries out campaigns in which clothing or food is collected for the needy, explain why we should help others. Never prohibit your child from activities such as these, if he shows any interest.

4. Let him know that there is more satisfaction in giving than in receiving:

The Christmas season is perfect for this activity. There are two ways to do it: the first is to buy toys or clothes so that low-income children, orphans or homeless receive detail on this date.

The other option we have is to ask our little ones to decide which toys they no longer use and are in good condition to donate them. In the whole process, we must include our little ones, from going to buy or choose toys, to pack them and go to deliver them personally. This way he will receive childlike faith and they will understand that things are not so easy to obtain and that not all children have the privileges that we as parents grant them.

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