What are the advantages of Bamboo Flooring?

If you want to change the beauty of your house, Crownbamboo.eu recommends installing Bamboo Flooring. It is not only looking nice but also it is environmentally friendly floor.Bamboo floors have a hardness index higher than oak on the Brinell scale (bamboo hardness index 4.7) and is more stable than many of the classical wood species used in soils. It does not require conservation treatments and has excellent performance even when used in environments subject to thermal changes or with humidity above average. Advantages of bamboo flooring:

  • It is a bamboo floor that is ecological not only because of the raw material, but because it is renewed quickly, without endangering the forests, but it also integrates correctly with healthy living environments, without emitting pollutants or losing energy and with total safety. The “CE” marking that accompanies all bamboo flooring offers the most complete quality assurance.
  • Bamboo is a very hard, light and exceptionally durable wood. In tropical areas, Bamboo is also used as an element of housing construction, scaffolding construction, as well as reinforcement and support.
  • Even in western countries, they are experiencing the construction of houses built entirely in bamboo. Its beauty and exceptional resistance make it ideal for use on floors, coverings, and walls.
  • In addition to the classic light wood bamboo, it is also available in darker and warmer tones.
  • Bamboo Fences are an important part of our garden; they provide us with protection, privacy, and if they also look great.
  • Bamboo floors can be used as floating flooring as manufacturers distribute planks with click-type interlocking, designed to ensure excellent stability, without the need for glue. This product can be easily assembled and disassembled and allows considerable savings for installation as it is easy to use even new construction.
  • Bamboo houses can last hundreds of yearsBamboo is one of the strongest building materials that exist; in fact, there are bamboo structures that have endured for hundreds of years.
  • This is a key benefit of filament woven parquet, that is, it is incredibly strong and durable and suitable for high traffic situations.
  • Bamboo is a member with more varieties within the grass family and has thousands of uses.
  • It can be pressed, crushed, molded, sliced, burned or carved.
  • Bamboo blinds are synonymous with elegance and good taste in decoration, either in its natural color or made in other shades

Thus, Bamboo Flooring offers many advantages. Look no further and contact us now on Crownbamboo and enhance the beauty of your home!

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