How should parents and teachers prevent the risks of internet to children?

According to the Cyberbullying speaker, children are beginning to have a presence on the Internet at an earlier age.

How should parents and teachers prevent the risks of the internet to children?

In the first place, they must be trained in the risks of the Internet and in the handling of this technology, we cannot prevent if we consider “that this is not my thing”.

Secondly, we must be accessible to any requirement that we are made, we must listen to what they do in real life and in cyberspace. We must take time from anywhere to hear them.

Thirdly, at ages starting at age 10, we must all work together (parents, teachers, professionals) in the detection and monitoring of situations of harassment – both in reality and in cyber reality, because they are interconnected, which happens on the Internet reverts in real life and what happens in real life reverts on the Internet.

The work of teachers when situations of harassment occur is essential: coordinated mechanisms must be established from the educational center, so their function is essential. Obviously with the support and initiative also of families and other professionals.On the internet, it can sometimes be difficult to know if the other person is lying to us or not.

What signs show that we are facing a case of cyberbullying?

On the Internet, everyone can be who they want to be, so the assurance that a person is who they say they are does not exist. The main measure of self-protection in this regard is “being suspicious”, not taking anything for granted on the Internet.

In this sense, we must know the two cases of harassment that can occur: by acquaintances (bullying) and by strangers (grooming). In the first case, you have to look for problems in the victim’s near environment, because the connection between what happens in the classroom and on the Internet is there and is essential in these cases.

In the second (grooming) is more complicated because the harassment is produced by “professionals”, especially skilled people to gain the confidence of the minors and obtain from them what they want.

Finally, say what signs exist in these cases, especially they are specified, in the behavioral changes of the victims: they are increasingly isolated and how if they were out of play all day, all day thinking about the problem they have.

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