When do I need a VPS Hosting?

The answer to this question is when shared hosting stays small. If the shared hosting you have hired has already reached its limit it is best to go to a cheap VPS hosting bitcoin.

If, for example, you have a website with more than 100,000 visits per day, with peaks of more than 60 people connected at the same time, there is no shared hosting that supports it and you will have to resort to cheap VPS hosting bitcoin.

Online services, mobile app, web applications, developers, etc – that need greater performance can also opt for cheap dedicated servers bitcoin as it will provide the power and individuality they need without having to acquire a dedicated server.

Each VPS Server (Virtual Server) will maintain an autonomous and independent operation of the others by having an independent storage service, having its configuration of applications, systems, control panel and access, its RAM, processors, and many other things.

With Dedicated servers, you will have access to the power, privacy and security that a dedicated server gives you but with the price of shared hosting (cheaper when sharing the machine with other accounts).

If you need to have all the advantages offered by Bitcoin dedicated servers, but you do not need a computer for yourself, a VPS Server (Virtual Server) is the service that best suits your needs.

You just have to decide the VPS Server model that best suits what your project requires and you will get at the best price the performance of a dedicated server with all the facilities and flexibility of your shared hosting.

VPS Hosting Managed or Unmanaged:

One of the biggest differences that a customer finds when he comes from shared hosting to virtual hosting, is the question of:Does the VPS want to administer it or do you prefer to administer it yourself?

A virtual VPS server can be compared to a personal computer. On a personal computer, the administrators of that computer are usually the users themselves.

So they are the maintenance of the same, updates and revisions of the same.

Cheap HostingVirtual servers can be managed by the users themselves. They should only ask what operating system they want to be installed and they take care of any aspect of the server. Install and uninstall programs, make backups, update the system, monitor it, etc.

Depending on the needs of each client, different types of VPS virtual server administration have been created.

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