What is the benefit of criminal record removal?

Law gives the possibility of eliminating criminal records to be considered as if he had never committed a criminal offense for all legal and administrative purposes, and he will pardon all the accessory penalties to which he was convicted.

All this as a means so that, once his sentence is served, he becomes part of society under the same conditions as the other members of it and that there is not the slightest memory of his time in prison. In such scenario, Canadian pardon service can help you!

What people have the right to apply for the criminal record removal benefit?

All persons who have suffered any kind of conviction and comply with the relevant requirements will have the right to request the prison record elimination benefit, after two years of serving their sentence, if it is the first sentence, and after five years, if you have been convicted two or more times.

What are the conditions to be entitled to the prison record elimination benefit?

The conditions that must be met to access the criminal record removal benefit are: having observed very good conduct in the penitentiary establishment or in the place that served his sentence, in the case of imprisonment, imprisonment, seclusion or relegation. In the case of places where there is no Patronage of Inmates, said recommendation will be made by the administrative authority, the judicial authority and the police of the respective locality, after the same deadlines indicated in the event of the existence of the patronage of inmates in the respective place.

These deadlines will be counted from the date in which the interested parties have appeared before these authorities to be observed.What happens in cases where the defendant, due to his age or his physical condition, is not in a position to study or work, regarding the requirements of the prison benefit for the elimination of criminal records?

Where is the request made to obtain the criminal record removal benefit?

The request to obtain the benefit of elimination of criminal records will be made by the interested party to the Ministry of Justice record suspension services Canada, from where it will be sent to the prisons, to gather and forward to that department the documents that prove compliance with the requirements that they are required to obtain the prison benefit of background elimination.

If you want to get a criminal record removal and want to have more clarity on the issue, get the best Canada pardon service.

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