Bamboo price parquet: tips for a "light heart" purchase

Bambusparkettis a “new entry” in the world of wooden floors in recent years. Nice to look at, practical to keep at home, durable and completely ecological: these adjectives describe it perfectly.

If you are looking for information on parkettboden and advice on choosing the right retailer, continue reading this article: together we will see types of bamboo flooring currently on the market. Which elements influence the price variable and for which areas of the house it is particularly indicated.

Bamboo parquet prices: types and costs:

The bambus produkte is obtained from the plant that we all know, precisely bamboo, which compared to the wood used for classic parquet has a much faster growth.

The strength and durability of these floors comes from the fact that bamboo produces a very robust, light and flexible wood that is cut into different sections then assembled between them.

Currently in the bamboo parquet market, we find it is possible to find three different types of flooring based on how the strips are assembled:

– Vertical– Horizontal– Strand woven, characterized by different shades of color.

Usually, the bamboo parquet has a very light color with shades that recall the colors of honey, but if it is treated with a carbonization process before being assembled it takes on a darker color.

As for the price of bamboo flooring, we can say that it depends on the type chosen and the treatments to which it is subjected.

Horizontal bamboo parquet has a price that is around $ 25 per square meter, the vertical one can reach $ 30 per square meter while the strand is woven has a cost of $ 35 per square meter.

In case you choose the charred or bleached variant you need to provide at least 1 or 2 dollars more per square meter.

As you can see the prices are very variable, so before choosing, we advise you to compare more and more quotes so that you can get an idea of ​​the prices in your area and hear the opinion and advice of more retailers.

Bamboo parquet: the advantages:

Before closing massivholzplatte, we would like to summarize the main advantages of the bamboo flooring we mentioned.

Among the pros of this solution, we certainly have eco-compatibility with the environment and people. It is resistance to the signs of time and daily wear. Also, it is the versatility that makes it suitable for many rooms in the home and at a relatively low cost.

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