Buying Guide: Tips for buying a mobile

In recent years, buying a mobile has become a titanic task. What if Android OS for PC, what if entry range or flagship, what if compact mobile or tablets.

When all you know is that you want to renew your mobile, it is best to go step by step. It is useless to launch directly to compare mobiles. If you are planning to buy a new phone, it is advisable to check the Samsung nu8000 review.

The first decision, to choose between one operating system and another, will completely change your purchase options. Since nowadays you have to discard Windows Phone as a purchase alternative, the only two options you have when looking for mobile are Android, Google’s operating system, and iOS, the operating system that you will only find on Apple’s iPhone. Which one should you choose? Let us find out:

Android or iPhone?

When buying a mobile, Android or iPhone?

The first decision completely modifies the catalog of alternatives that you will have before you to buy a mobile. You have to choose between Android and iOS, and we will help you with it.

For starters, stick with the idea that right now there are only two operating system alternatives in new mobiles. iOS and Android occupy almost 100% of the market share, and right now neither Windows for mobile nor the BlackBerry operating system have any presence on store shelves. If you want a tablet, you should first check the Galaxy tab s4 review.

But within this double alternative of operating systems – Android vs. iOS – there are also important differences. Of all the mobile phones sold every quarter in Spain, Android accounts for around 85% of sales. Apple’s mobile operating system, meanwhile, usually occupies about 10-15% of sales.

Buying an Android phone is far from being a simple decision. If you think so, let’s start by making clear the version of Android that you have to look for if you are going to buy a mobile phone – and it doesn’t matter what it will cost.

But that will not be the only decision you must make. If you have already decided on the operating system, the next thing you will have to do is choose between a high-end and a relatively affordable terminal.

If you are planning to buy high-end and different phone like blackview, it’s advisable to read Blackview 9600 pro review first.

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