GP south Auckland – Comprehensive medical services

If you are looking for the one-stop that offers every kind of medical service, we suggest you get in touch with GP south Auckland.We offer complete medical services at the best prices. Also, we provide other medical services such as sexual health checks, skin cancer checks, childhood immunizations, travel vaccinations, pre-employment assessments, and pap smears.What is a medical emergency?It is any health condition that puts the patient’s life at risk and therefore requires medical attention in the nearest place and with adequate availability.Examples of emergencies are:– Pain or pressure in the chest accompanied by sweating.– Loss of consciousness or fainting.– Sudden breathing difficulty– Bleeding that does not stop.– Serious injuries due to an accident.– Seizures– Sudden numbness or not being able to move a limb or side of the body.– Sudden vision loss– A very strong headache especially associated with changes in consciousness.Botany urgent care:According to the American Medical Association (A.M.A.), the URGENCY concept and the EMERGENCY concept have a different classification depending on the severity of the situation.Urgency is any condition that, in the opinion of the patient, his family, or whoever assumes responsibility for the demand, requires immediate healthcare, in turn, all the pathology whose evolution is slow and not necessarily fatal, but whose attention should not be delayed more than 6 hours.An emergency is that urgent situation that immediately endangers the life of the patient or the function of an organ.Benefits of Botany Medical Centre:– Pain control (headaches, cervicalgia, back pain, low back pain, joint pain, neuropathies – for herpes zoster, for diabetes, for HIV, for compression, for nerve injuries, pain in cancer, etc.– Functionality improvement.– Improvement in the quality of life.– Resolution of symptoms and multiple signs (nausea, vomiting, constipation, sleep pattern, anxiety, depression, etc.) that afflict people with advanced diseases and palliative care.-Improvement of the symptoms associated with cancer treatments in cancer patients.– Nutritional control– Physical strengthening and improvement in the daily life of patients through physical therapy and rehabilitation.We South Auckland medical Centre has a system of care that provides everything necessary to the patient and his family both at home and in the same physical space to be treated in our GP Botany clinic.Botany urgent care provides priority attention, defining the technical criteria for the patient’s selection or classification system, according to the condition with which he enters the service, whether caused by trauma or illness of any kind. Do not hesitate to contact us on for any type of medical treatment.

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